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What is MetaTrader?

Speaking bout Forex, MetaTrader is not more than a reference trading platform between the different traders belonging to the currency market mentioned before. This is not only because millions of customers use it, but also because this one offers a large amount of brokers, giving the trader the benefit of not having the necessity of starting from nothing with their investment platform for each change of broker that is made.

MetaTrader4: Leader of trading platforms?

In few words, the fourth version of this trading platform is considered as the leader among all others and though since 2009 MetaTrader5 appeared, most of the different traders continue choosing to work with the fourth version of this successful platform. MetaTrader4 was created in 2005 thanks to the company MetaQuotes and though at the beginning the main objective of MetaTrader was exclusively of Forex currency trading, nowadays it is possible to use it in most of the brokers to also operate CFDs, commodities, among other derivatives. But, why is MetaTrader a huge success?

The success of this platform is due to different factors, among them we can mention that its use results to be very simple and intuitive, it does not require many resources from the computer to make its actions and have and efficient operation with a high performance. It has at its disposal a wide variety of indicators and tools in order to work with the graphics, and not only that, but it is also based on its own programming language, which is named “MetaQuotes Language” with which any user has the possibility of programming their own indicators or even their own “robots” or automatic systems in a completely simple way, so MetaTrader can make the order according to the conditions requested by the user.

Thanks to all these possibilities, it is very probable that any complement that a user can be looking for to strengthen and support his trading has already been developed before for someone in MetaTrader, and that this one is available online. The fact of being able to enter to an online data base which is available to offer the user a large amount of tools, indicators or even scripts in benefit of any trader, is something that they hugely appreciate. Another advantage that MetaTrader has is that, if all what has been mentioned before is not enough, the use of this platform is completely free.




What is Forex factory?

Forex Factory can be considered as the most important web with content related to Forex existent in the network, though it is in English, if you browse using Google Chrome, there is the possibility of enabling the automatic translation option in order to see the content, and this is totally worth it.


This platform is similar to a meeting point of different traders from all nationalities of the world with an unique objective in common, which is to provide all their knowledge to the network in order to take advantage of the Forex market. It is a little difficult to find traders who come from Spain, China, Russia or India because most of the traders are Americans, but it is possible to find some of them.

Forex Factory is a great tool to which Forex customers can easily access from the network, so they can find all the necessary and efficient information regarding the currency market mentioned before. Undoubtedly, the most important thing offered by Forex Factory is the economic news calendar that can achieve the movement of currencies such as employment rates, the balance, and the presentation of the FED minutes, among others. This, given to each county and region.

Forex Trading attracts day traders more than anything, speculator who has as objective to obtain benefits within a working day. Some of them want to obtain profits in few minutes, some of them in one hour, and some in a few hours. In order to succeed in this speculating way, it is important to be well informed because the information of the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, or some of the others Central Banks might represent an incredible short-term movement, which will make our positions get literally swept.

In those precise moments when markets become very volatile and there are many professional traders who choose not to have open positions when this happens, just for the reason that it is very complicated to know in which direction the movement of a currency can be generated. When the market is facing news that are apparently on favor, it can react on a sense opposite to the one expected just because it was not good enough and it did not exceed expectations and vice versa when it is about a news which is apparently bad.

For a novice day trader Forex, even for some who has been a while in the market, it can be complicated to know the scope of certain news, others are obviously important even for those who are not exclusively dedicated to Forex, and it is because of this that it results very important to be updated with the information about what happens in the market and from there lies the importance of knowing about the existence of pages such as Forex Factory.




The Forex currency market provides its users with very useful tools, which are contracts for difference or by its initials » CFD » where there is a mutual agreement between the seller and the buyer, and where it is established that the seller finances the opening and closing prices of a certain asset, and in case the difference is negative, it is the buyer who will pay in the place of the seller. The Forex CFDs allows the trading of shares without having to physically enjoy them and this tool also provides a wide variety of CFD instruments which hold shares of some 30 companies belonging to the United States that make up the Dow Jones industrial average list.

These CFDs were created in the UK in the 50’s by the free investment funds in order to be able to access the trading of operations that had a lot of leverage. It is a tool offered to the investor and that in Spain has started to market only since 2007. It does not quote in an organized market, since they are derivatives of OTC (Over The Counter). Previously contracts for difference could only be accessible to the institutional investor, but nowadays they have become a very popular tool in the field of negotiation among all small investors around the world.

Contracts for difference are financial derivatives in which we can find as an implicit asset raw materials, currencies, stocks and even stock index. Therefore, the value assigned to a CFD will be different depending on the underlying asset it represents because each of these assets has a different value. The value that the CFD will have depends directly on the asset being replicated and the currency used to quote it.

What are CFDs in Forex?

Forex CFDs, as it is mentioned above, are contracts for differences that provide the user with a simple alternative to be able to make transactions with the main currency pairs. In Forex, the operations usually have a margin, with this type of contracts a deposit that is relatively small will allow to have the control of longer positions in the currency market.

Being an operator in a currency market might bring great advantages, as well as great disadvantages and this must be clear when investing in markets such as Forex. Many people who are responsible for providing CFDs provide their clients with a wide variety of tools that allows them to have risk control, such as guaranteed stops or limit stops respectively, which will be useful in case the market is not operating at your favor

How are CFDs valued in Forex?

CFDs or contracts for difference obtain their value in the quoted currency that is in the second currency of the pair. Likewise, each of them is valued depending on the price of the quoted pair, also taking into account the decimals.

The user must take into account that the value assigned to a CFD does not necessarily mean that we strictly need that value to open an operation, since the way of operating with contracts for difference gives us the possibility of having leverage. Thanks to this, the user can open a position with only having at his disposal a percentage that will be determined by the CFD broker.



What is Forex Calculator?

Forex offers to its users a free tool, which is a calculator in charge of obtaining the calculation of the size of the position in the different units and the standards to manage any type of risk that can appear in an exact way. This calculator works with all principal currency pairs and also with the ones that are less frequent. It requires a minimum of entry values which allows the user to handle it and adjust it according to their necessities.

This calculator not only allows the operator to obtain the possibilities of evaluating and making the comparison of some sceneries of the market, but also through it, the gains and losses can be analyzed in a fast and effective way, and with this facilitate the choice of the strategy and the trading instrument to be used. All this through the use of the profit/loose calculator that Forex offers to its users.

C:\Users\ana\Downloads\forex-calculator.png It is very important to take into account that the calculation of the amount of risk if a determined strategy for money management is been followed. It is recommended to do it every time you open the Forex position manually. This will take only a minute of your time, but in this way you avoid the risk of having unwanted losses. It should be noted that making the calculation of what the position size is, is also the first step to proceed with the organization of your trading in this currency market, which is what ultimately characterizes a professional trader who operates in Forex.

In order to get an idea of how important this is, it is enough to look in the Forex book the insistence made in the calculation of the size of the position frequently. It turns out to be a difficulty to have a loss of all the capital of your account if the user accedes to make this calculation every time he enters to the Forex market.

There is also the availability of this calculator as an indicator of MetaTrader which is open to downloads, and now we present some advantages of managing this version:

1. It gives results in a fast and effectively way.

2. It uses the same software that is used for trading to calculate the size of the position.

3. It will continue working even though the user is not online.

4. It is capable of making the calculation of the size of the position though is temporally off-line.

5. It has an interface called drag-and-drop, which is easy to use with a graphic panel.

Disadvantages of MetaTrader version:

1. In order to use it, MetaTrader 4 or 5 must be installed respectively.

2. It is not as intuitive as other calculators.

3. The indicator must be downloaded and installed.



What is a Forex broker?

It is called broker the person who acts as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller and frequently, this person charges a commission for each operation made. This intermediary cannot perform his position without having a license for this; it can be insurance, real estate, exchange or stock exchange, custom and similar. In addition to this, a broker is the one who offers advice on financial topic or topics related to the business area. It is recommended to use brokers who belong to the major investment firms that have at their disposal the tools and the most recent news, very useful at the moment of becoming an investor in the Forex market.

It is important to mention the existence of two kinds of brokers; these are the online broker and the traditional broker. These two are very similar because both of them allow the selling and buying of foreign currencies, as well as other investment products. The most relevant difference between them falls on the use of the web as a tool in order to make the interaction with their clients easier. Therefore, the web becomes in the medium for the purchase/sell of currencies and at the same time it is also the ideal platform to offer advices and provide information according to the requirements or needs of the traders.

Nowadays, it is possible to find a wide variety of online brokers, and thanks to this we can find the one that best answers to our necessities in a simple and fast way, though it is better to make a previous research of the profitability and strategy that this one offers us before hiring his services, especially if we are aware that misleading publicity is very common nowadays. Not only we must study the two options given before, but also make an annual or semi-annual study that allows us to know the efficiency of the strategy to be used, and in this way we get to hire a broker capable of adapting to our objectives and our investment methods.


Security in each of you operations

It is pertinent to talk about the topic of security regarding our transactions is concerned, as this is fundamental and the main thing clients look for at the moment of selecting an online broker. As it is known that the web and e-mail have some important advantages when making any type of transactions, it is necessary to have a minimum knowledge about security in order to avoid situations such as falling into the hands of a fraud or a hacker. It is important to know that if the operations are done by the broker’s web of your election, an intervention is less probable. Nowadays, online banking is a very safe medium that inspires confidence to the customers.



All those beginner users in the platform, that are considered inexperienced in the topic, always look for the way of finding some kind of commercial robot that makes all the work for them. This idea has been followed by millions of merchants that belong to the computer area because it reduces the merchants’ responsibility in terms of taking decisions, and this one falls in Forex advisors.

What is a Forex advisor?

A Forex advisor can be defined as a program that has the ability to make any action in the platform, this following the orders or instructions given by an operator without his direct participation. All the tasks made by this program are made manually or mechanically, so the advisors call themselves experts or in other words, mechanic trading system (MTS for its acronym in English). In shorter words, this program is able to send applications to a broker without the need of any intervention of the operator. You can install a Forex advisor with profits in the Forex existent online trading platform, which is connected to the server intermediary, adjust all configurations and the advisor will start operating according to a previously established strategy.

What benefits does a Forex operator have?

Psychologically speaking, the Forex advisor is irreplaceable. The amount of responsibility regarding decision making, decreases considerably for the user and the work becomes less stressing, not only that, but the advisor is also able to handle different negotiation signals even when the operator is not online.

How to write a Forex advisor?

For MetaTrader4, the Forex advisors are written in the programming language MQL4, which was developed by the manufacturer of the unique commercial terminal and specifically for their writing. All this gives the merchant the capacity to access the programming of the trading system without any difficulty. Only those programmers who are familiar to this type of language will have no problem to make the task, on the other hand, to all the inexperienced users, it will be a harder task.


Additional and own Forex advisors

The MetaTrader4 commercial terminal has a large amount of Forex advisors integrated. They have the function of creating an independent trading system and doubling the trading signals. They are very popular among the beginners and were created in order to prove the programming abilities of the MetaTrader4 terminal client.

The possibilities of creating your own adviser are just incredible. You can establish some orders by price and time automatically open counter orders, etc. These programs can replace the operator in their workplace.

Forex advisors indicators

For a much more effective work, you can go to the creation of your own technical indicators by Forex advisors. This will provide a large addition to the indicators that are available in the MetaTrader4 terminal. The objective of the use of indicators given by the advisors lies in the implementation of the generation of trading signals and also, the implementation of analytical functions.



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CMS Forex: What is it?

Forex, considered the largest financial market all over the world, has a daily volume that surprisingly exceeds the amount of 4.5 billion dollars. Different financial institutions such as companies, banks and other, choose to exchange their currencies through this way in order to cover their speculations requirements.

CMS trader is able to provide access to what it is in this huge global market to the professionals who handle it and even to all those independent investors, and this is done by an online platform which is completely available so the user has the option to download it.

Now, knowing this, it is important to mention that the foundation of CMS Forex was made by the operators of Forex, brokers and even professional software designers and as a result, it has been identified in a successful way, all and each one of the operator’s needs and requirements since this platform was founded.

Since 1999, the main objective of CMS Forex clearly was to incorporate the best and most advanced technology in order to make an optimal operation in currencies and tied to this, to increase the quality at the moment of execution of orders along with a loyal and totally professional service.

Years later, in October 2010, Forex became an introductory broker for Gain Capital, so thanks to this, it is possible to offer access to a platform that is as recognized as it is Forex. CMS Forex is a global company which counts with offices in St Petersburg, London, Tokyo, Bermuda and Shanghai, but it’s principal office is located in New York.

As this platform improves, it is totally committed to offering the main Forex trading platforms and to customer service in order to offer the best experience to their users. Not only this, but they are also committed to being able to provide the highest innovative technology in the field of the operation of different currencies, being able to reach the recognition among the operators who hope to continue choosing it in order to follow the specialized news, which are given in this platform and for the possibility of studying and analyze the graphics of the Forex market.

During the last years, this platform has quickly reached a high position, becoming in this way one of the leading institutions in terms of trading in the online currency market, having at its disposal a trading software in Forex, which is safe and easy to use. In order to start trading in CMS Forex, the customer requires a minimum deposit of $200.

The offered platform is called VT Trader, but over time new trading platforms have been integrated, having access to others very popular, such as MetaTrader4 and FX Trader PRO.


In the financial market world there are also those who stand out for their business skills and then, we will know about 3 of the biggest and best Forex traders in the whole history:

  1. George Soros 

The story behind this character is incredible, this man managed to shake one of the most powerful financial institutions in the world. George Soros, has been not only the best Forex trader but also the one who has achieved an unparalleled success to such a point of receiving the nickname of the ‘‘Man who made the Bank of England break’’ after having made the transaction of the exorbitant figure of two billion dollars.

Soros had an excellent preparation in the financial field, as he studied and graduated from the London School of Economics and Political science. Once graduated, he began to bring out his great skills working as a financial operator in the company called Quantum Fund, there extolled thanks to the profitability of his trading, achieving annual revenue equal to those of McDonald’s for the year 1996.

George Soros has had extremely impressive achievements, but his positions in relation to the pound sterling are completely unmatched, since by the year 1992, managed to obtain a net profit of a figure of two billion dollars in a period of time of just a month.

  1. Bill Lipschutz

Bill Lipschutz is a great investor who studied at Cornell University, obtaining a degree in architectural design and a master’s degree in finance. This character found his passion submerged in the market’s world while he was in college to learn that he had received a legacy of about $ 12,000 from his grandmother. Thanks to his financial skills, Bill received the transformation of 12,000 dollars in 250,000 dollars and all this for the currency market, however, not everything was happiness for him, because he lost everything, all because of a bad market movement.

  1. John R. Taylor

Graduated from Princeton University, John R. Taylor became an analyst at the Chemical Bank and thanks to his incredible skills and connections, this character over time quickly went on to become part of the Fx trading department of this institution, so it was more closely related to the knowing market and to be able to play in it all its skills.

Anyone would have just abandoned the market world and feel disappointed and bewildered but Lipschutz decided to learn from the experience and see everything on the positive side. Due to the great talent for trading that this character has, he is considered one of the best Fx traders around the world.

Are there any other successful Fx traders? 

The answer is yes, indeed today there are thousands of people who are generating extraordinary gains in the Forex market, however, the 3 characters previously named are those who have managed to have a greater boom in this currency market, highlighting about the others.

If you are able to generate constant earnings in the currency market, you may be considered as an operator that is profitable, however, the success in Forex is not reflected in the amount of millions of dollars, but in the capacity that the operator has to obtain is with a frequent and reliable rate of earnings.




What is AvaTrade Forex?

With AvaTrade we make reference to a broker belonging to the popular currency market Forex and CFD, the latter located in Dublin, Ireland. This company offers trading services in a big number of markets, where we can include currency market, commodities, stocks, exchange-traded funds, stock index, bonds and even bitcoin and litecoin. All this is possible from its trading platform and mobile application.

This platform offers its services mainly by the use of MetaTrader4 and AvaTrader respectively, which is the software that belongs to the same company. These two platforms are based on negotiation and can be found as applications in both browsers and mobile devices, and this feature makes trading so much easier.

AvaTrade offers the possibility of making trades by MetaTrader4, but it is also able to use its custom platform, which is considered to be very solid and easy to use. This Forex broker also offers fully automated trading platforms and this is through ZuluTrade, Mirror Trade, among others.

In April 2013, AvaTrade surprised its users with the launch of AvaOptions, which is nothing more than a trading platform that offers its customers to go to the purchase and sale of options in terms of vanilla currencies (this option makes reference to the right to buy or sell a certain asset at an specific price and term, with the expectation that this price will be more favorable than the existing one in the market) and with this, being able to make the different investment strategies and with a more complex hedging.

Later, in August of the same year, AvaTrade managed to become the second broker that offered the possibility of online bitcoin trading, launching this to operate with CFDs in its two platforms (AvaTrader and MetaTrader4).


How is AvaTrade regulated?

AvaTrade is a company that is regulated in the following way:

  • By the Central Bank of Ireland (European Union).
  • By Australian Securities & Investments Commission (Australia).
  • By the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (British Virgin Islands).
  • By the Financial Services Agency, the Financial Futures Association of Japan and the Futures Markets Association of Japan (Japan).

AvaTrade offers its services to all traders worldwide, with the only exception of the United States. The strongest markets that this company currently has are those of the European Union, the Middle East and Asia. AvaTrade is simply one of the most powerful brokers of all times.

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