What is Forex Trader Pro?

Forex Trader Pro is considered one of the most important platforms for users belonging to the Forex market when negotiating. It is based on the web and it is open to modifications made by the merchant according to their needs and requirements. Due to its high performance and efficiency, operators are currently looking to download Forex Trader Pro for the execution of all their currency transactions. The software that has this platform is so simple that its use is suitable for beginners in the area of finance as well as for the most professional and expert users.

Within the tools which Forex Trader Pro has, there is a variety of the most successful and sophisticated graphics, a software capable of recognizing patterns by Autochartist, a broad strategy center, eSignal and more. The platform also offers analysis with updates 24 hours a day, the most relevant news in real time and, as if that is not enough, Forex Trader Pro offers its users the ability to operate with more than 45 currency markets, and in those that not only include the main currency pairs but also the most exotic of the whole world. Currency pairs as well as gold and silver can be operated through this platform with a leverage of up to 400: 1.

Forex Trader Pro is also capable of operating more than 30 CFDs through the use of metals, index, agricultural commodities and energy with a leverage of up to 200: 1.

In short terms, this great platform offers its users a wide variety of possibilities in terms of negotiation and a wide range of professional tools for operators to develop in the creation of graphics and analysis. Whatever the conditions to which the market is subjected, it offers unquestionable quality when executing orders. The interface of this program stands out for having a high graphic quality in terms of its functions, and that the merchant can have control of the account in its entirety, and the best part of the case is that all operations can be made comfortably from a single window.

Is there any way to use this platform on mobile devices?


Yes, this is indeed possible. The user has the opportunity to access the different markets thanks to the version for mobile devices offered by ForexTrader PRO. The merchant has the opportunity to operate, follow the markets, manage your account and have countless interactive graphics tools at your disposal, all at the palm of your hand and with your mobile device. You can also be aware of each and every one of them, the most relevant news of the markets, the comments and be able to follow the economic calendar offered by this version from any device, such as Android, Apple, Blackberry and other devices that have access to the Internet.

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