What is it?

Forex Pro is a platform founded in England in 2006 that offers different services to companies that want to enter the stock market. Forex pro has as benefits a line of specialized brokerage to do business, automated systems of commerce, and processing of data centers 24 hours a day. It is a full time service that seeks to guarantee companies an optimal platform for buying and selling shares through the tools it offers, as well as having a platform for contracts for difference (CFDs) in 6 different asset classes such as, stocks, spot, futures, spot metals, spot and Forex.

What does it consist of?

Forex Pro aims to continue being one of the best brokers in the network using the development of new technologies, adopting positions based on the interest of customers to make accessible trading offering support and educational resources, a continuous update of their services to satisfy the demand of its traders and based on the ethics of the trading industry, to maintain a path of transparency. In order to achieve these objectives, Forex Pro offers different strategies such as the execution of ultra-fast trades with a model without any negotiation intervention, aggregation of multiple PL prices and access to ample liquidity pool and recurrent investment in technology and research.

What are its benefits?

Forex Pro offers a number of advantages when it comes to trading. One of these benefits is the ability to execute transactions without dealing desk that allows users:

a) Deep liquidity: Access to a broad pool of liquidity with a wide range of different prices and great availability for each operation made by a user.

b) Anonymous trading: The suppliers do not have access to your registered information.

c) Execution of Ultra-Fast orders: This was already mentioned, it consists of an optimal speed of elaboration of clients’ trading activities in less than 13 milliseconds.

The execution of the trades inside the Forex pro platform is totally transparent, based on the ethics of online trading. Due to the volume of the different operations of the users, the team that manages the operations within the platform has the capacity to internally matching a substantial part of the flow of orders from its clients. This measure is used to minimize any type of risk without the need to interfere in the orders made by users.

C:\Users\ana\Downloads\FOREXPROOO.png Nowadays, Forex pro conducts transactions in real time without any intervention in its operations, it is continuously in operation and it has headquarters in more than 150 countries including the United Kingdom, Dubai, The Bahamas, among others. Since its recognition by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), it has obtained more than 50 awards for its extensive management and professionalism, where more than one million traders are made daily and it is one of the most preferred worldwide.

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